Benefit from my expertise – pick my brain! Let me help you with personalized answers and formulate personalized blends you can use NOW.

Lea, thank you so, so much for sharing your knowledge! Through the app plus [your] knowledge, I was able to create a blend for a friend. He was super congested, couldn’t breathe… When he used the blend in a steam bath, he coughed up all of the congestion AND slept through the entire night! Again, thank you so, so much for being willing to share your knowledge and expertise. If I could, I’d give you a giant hug right now!! – Alex

In a world of so many unsafe practices, I'm so glad we have you! – Michelle

Lea helps essential oil companies with FDA-compliant wording, safe recommendations, product formulations, recipes, and more.

Book Lea today and blow the competition away and elevate your company.

When you book a website review, you will receive a full report in the form of a Google spreadsheet I will share with your eyes only. You will see the list of questions I ask myself as I review your website, along with my conclusions. I also personally comb through more than a dozen essential oils and do an assessment, sharing the detailed results with you. If you offer blends, I will do the same: I will provide a list of things I look for, and where your products stand. You will see what I love about your website and products, and what I see that needs improvement. This will help you provide better service and products to your customers.

PLEASE NOTE: Lea's schedule is very full. If it is urgent, please e-mail Lea to see if she can make room for you.

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