Using Essential Oils Safely with Eczema, (Psoriasis too!)

Contrary to what is being popularly shared around the internet, essential oils should not be your first go to for eczema.
“Both psoriasis and eczema are chronic skin diseases that are genetic in nature, and although these skin disorders can look scary, they are not contagious. In both ailments, there are times when your skin gets worse (flare-ups) and periods when it improves (remission). The two conditions share some common triggers like stress, cold or dry weather, as well as foods like dairy and gluten products. Most of their symptoms are similar as well. Both diseases start with your immune system.” (quoted from


Here is some good info from our friend Ken Meyer RN:
{This quote is slightly modified to fit a more general audience since when Ken shared he was addressing a specific person.}

“Eczema is an autoimmune condition. You cannot catch it or spread it. Western medicine believes that is a hormonal issue. (This is why puberty, pregnancy and stress can affect it). In most of us, the skin forms below your current skin and it takes about 30 days before it rises to the top and becomes the top layer of skin. In little ones this skin is rising to the top in 3-7 days. This immature skin cannot stand heat (no hot baths, showers or washes on this skin). It cannot stand friction. (No washclothes or rubbing with a towel. Gently pat skin or let air dry. Gently apply soap with the hand. Be sure to use glycerin soaps). It cannot hold moisture (moisturize, moisturize, moisturize) and it can develop sensitivities to many chemicals. (Use only glycerin soaps and beware of chemicals in many eczema lotions). Some may disagree saying they have good results with goats milk etc., and they surely do, but the chances of becoming sensitized are high.

There are many types of soaps and lotions available for use. I would suggest a visit to your local Body Shop or health food store to find a good glycerin soap. Many people also make them. Dozens of different EOs are known to help. You have to try to find one that works well for you or your child. It will help if you understand any trigger(s). Sometimes it is food, but not always. The most common food triggers are dairy, citrus, and gluten. You do not have to have an allergy to something for it to be a trigger so allergy testing for this is frequently unhelpful. Stress is frequently the culprit. (Yes, even children have stress!) You may also never know the trigger.”

Some other ideas that may help with psoriasis and eczema are: 

– Aloe Vera
– Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water 1:1
– Tea Tree oil properly diluted in aloe vera or a nourishing lotion.  Always be sure to properly dilute!
– Consuming Turmeric (the spice, not the essential oil!)
– Taking oatmeal baths to calm the irritation

You may find these links helpful:

Always be sure that the oils which you choose are safe for your family's situation!

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