If your hair is thinning, this recipe is for you! But please understand there may be some situations where this recipe may not be helpful. Attempt to get to the “root” of the issue (pun intended) – such as medications or serious health issues – as you try this recipe. Best used for temporary hair loss, like when related to stress.

For example, this recipe is useful for alopecia (hair loss in general), but is not likely to be useful for alopecia areata (autoimmune disease where the body attacks the hair follicles).

For thinning hair on the face, such as eyebrows or a man's beard, stick to a 1% dilution due to the skin on the face being more delicate. Be sure to avoid getting in the eyes if you apply to eyebrows.

Rosemary hydrosol can be used for daily maintenance. The effectiveness of the hydrosol is not entirely certain, but it won't hurt.

I've formulated recipes based on the best essential oils and the best methods of application. You can find these when you click the Hair Loss options in the menu.

Caution: Please do not use this recipe on eyelashes. Essential oils can cause a lot of damage when applied near the eyes. The eyebrow is the closest you should get to the eye. You can use just plain castor oil by adding a drop or two to a mascara wand like these on amazon and applying to your eyelashes like you would mascara. Alternately, apply castor oil with a cotton swab and apply to the lash line. Avoid getting into the eye.

I've formulated this recipe based on the best essential oils and the best methods of application.

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