Blending Safely with Essential Oils

Never add just essential oils to the water by themselves. Water and oils do not mix and the oils will sit on the top of the water and when your body comes in contact with them it would be the same as using oils undiluted which is never a good idea in the bath. This could cause some skin issues, especially on the more tender parts. Be careful and use common sense and science to get the most out of your oils in the bath.

Do keep in mind that we suggest not using essential oils in the bath of children under the age of 2. Just a plain epsom salt bath is nice for their tender skin, or you can use hydrosols, or a sock full of herbs, like lavender. If you do decide to use them for children over age 2, please be sure you are using essential oils safe for children.

Caution should also be given for use during pregnancy.

To make bath salts safely you will need:

Alternately, you can use Epsom salts which already have a relaxing essential oil like Chamomile.

Looking to soak your feet? Use the same recipe above for a foot soak. Your feet's skin is thick and probably achy (that is why you're soaking, right??) and will benefit from the extra essential oils to skin ratio.

Bath Salts - a recipe for bathing safely with essential oils

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Bath Salts - a recipe for bathing safely with essential oils