Anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory essential oils like Lavender can help relieve unexplained itching when applied (diluted) on the skin.

But first, be sure the itching isn't from something simple like:

  • dirty skin – bacteria on the skin can make you feel like scratching (cleanse the skin!)
  • dry skin – small cracks in the skin, or dry and flaky skin can keel itchy and make you want to scratch (moisturize!)

For bug bites, use the Roller Bottle recipe.*

ForĀ general itching use the Spray Bottle recipe.*

Sometimes a simply swipe of a witch hazel-soaked cotton roundĀ on your skin can take care of the itch right away without the use of essential oils at all. This is because often our itching is due to a physical allergen or irritant too small for you to see, and using the witch hazel in this way will remove it. This is also good for a rash.

*I've formulated recipes for you based on the best essential oils and the best methods of application. Let me custom fit my recipes to your specific needs over in the EO RECIPES CLUB.