Acne can be a real issue no matter what your age, and can be a symptom of various internal (diet) and external (bacterial) issues.

If acne is not a diet issue, it could be remedied by adding witch hazel to your skincare routine. Witch hazel is an excellent astringent, and can help the skin appear more clear.

Making a face wash can also be useful. Add a 1% dilution of one or more of the following essential oils: Tea Tree, Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense, or Clary Sage (safe for children and pregnancy and breastfeeding) to a base of aloe vera gel or unscented soap and use daily or until completion clears up.

Using the oil cleansing method with a carrier oil can be helpful for oily skin. You can find info on Mommypotamus' post here: The Oil Cleansing Method: A How-To Guide for Clear, Radiant Skin

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