Why Using Essential Oils on the Feet is NOT the Most Effective Option

Using oils on the feet isn't a safety issues unless you are using them undiluted (neat), or using oils which are not safe for your situation. Applying oils to the feet does not make an unsafe oil any safer. There are many other ways to use essential oils which are much more effective and putting oils on the feet is a bit wasteful when there are other places where they will work much more effectively.

Here is a link to an awesome video which Lea Harris made about using oils in the feet. **

* Applying oils on the feet is not the most effective use of your oils unless you are having an issue with your feet.
* Inhalation is typically the most effective option.
* A personal inhaler or a diffuser is a better option.
* If you choose to use topically, you may find it more beneficial to apply where the oils can best be smelled. Such as behind the ears and down the neck, or on the upper chest.
* If you feel that applying to your feet works, you may find that it works even better to apply to other places where the oils can be better smelled.

Reasons why applying oils to the feet are not very effective:
* The skin on the feet is very thick.
* The feet are filled with sweat glands.
* Sweat glands are much better at expelling than absorbing.
* The feet are a long ways from the nose.

Following are some great articles which will help explain this stance even more. Some people will say that oils on the feet work due to reflexology, but here is a quote from the following article.

“Reflexology is cited as one of the reasons to apply essential oils to the feet, and frequently undiluted, or neat, is recommended. Whoever came up with this connection failed to realize the fundamental differences between applying a product to the feet and a foot reflexology treatment. The key is in the varied pressure techniques unique to the reflexology profession. This alternating pressure of the thumb and fingers over a reflex area is what sends the message to the brain regarding the reflected area of the body. This is done without the use of lubrication so the practitioner's thumbs and fingers do not slip or glide over a reflex area and lose the opportunity to correctly stimulate that reflex.The reflexes do not have the ability to transport a product from the foot to another region of the body. That's not how Reflexology works. What is happening is a message is being sent, using this alternating pressure over a reflex area, to the brain through the Central Nervous System. Once the brain receives the message it sends signals to that corresponding area of the body, which in turn enhances blood flow to that part, gland, or organ. While it may feel nice to have a foot rub it is not the same as receiving a Reflexology treatment.”


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Always be sure that the oils which you choose are safe for your family's situation!

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