Essential oils may be a useful tool for ADD/ADHD. Sometimes the issues are complicated, and essential oils may or may not be as effective as we'd like. Here is the information we have for you but don't hesitate to enlist professional help if you think it is necessary.

In today's world, there are so many things distracting us and making it difficult to focus on the task at hand or to even sit still.  We often feel that ADD/ADHD is just something which affects children, but that is not always the case.  The following tips and recipes will be helpful in calming and getting your focus back on track.

Always be sure that the oils which you choose are safe for your family's situation!

Sometimes our focus issues are more than just being distracted and there is more of a need for help with anxiety and calming.  If this is something you need suggestions for, please check the info here.  Anxiety and Depression

Essential oils aren't always the answer for things like this.  It is always a good idea to check the diet and eliminate triggers such as red food dye and other artificial colorings and flavorings.  “Some of the common foods that can cause ADHD reactions include milk, chocolate, soy, wheat, eggs, beans, corn, tomatoes, grapes, and oranges. If you suspect a food sensitivity may be contributing to your or your child's ADHD symptoms, talk to your doctor about the possibility of trying an elimination diet.” (Quoted from Everyday Health website.)

Please note: Most people who have ADD/ADHD have a salicylate sensitivity and so since Wintergreen and Birch oils are high in methyl salicylate they should be avoided. Also due to the high level of methyl salicylate, these oils should not be used around children at all due to the high risk of developing Reyes Syndrome.

Here are some other calming oils which can be used in a diffuser, a personal inhaler or properly diluted topically.  You can create your own blends using some of the suggestions here.  To be certain of the safety of these oils you can cross reference using our blend safety info and searching for the individual oils which are on the list below.  Blend Safety


The information in the following article will be helpful, but a couple of things to keep in mind…although the blend suggested has a lot of great calming oils, 8 different oils in one blend is a bit much, so you may want to do two blends choosing 4 oils for each one and then you have blends which you can use to rotate with, along with the focus blend above.  Another suggestion this article mentions is to roll this blend in the feet.  This is NOT something we suggest as being an effective way to use your oils.  Using oils, for this reason, would be more effective diffused or in a personal aromatherapy inhaler.  If you choose to use topically, please apply where the oils can best be smelled such as the neck or upper chest.  You can read more about our stance on no using essential oils on your feet here:


There are many similarities to Autism and ADHD/ADD and the disorders can produce the same signs that can be treated the same way.

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