Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils Defined | Using Essential Oils Safely

Here is a list therapeutic properties attributed to essential oils, and their definitions.

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analgesic – provides relief from pain
aphrodisiac – promotes sexual desire
anti-bacterial (bactericidal) – inhibits the growth of bacteria
anti-catarrhal (expectorant/mucolytic) – decreases thickness of mucous and increases its removal from the lungs
anti-coagulant – inhibits blood clot formation
anti-convulsant – inhibits convulsions or seizures
anti-depressant – alleviates depression
anti-emetic – reduces feelings of motion sickness and nausea
anti-fungal (fungicidal) – inhibits the growth of fungus
anti-helmintic (vermifuge) – expels parasites
anti-histamine/anti-pruritic – reduces histamine
anti-infectious – inhibits the spread of infection
anti-inflammatory/anti-phlogistic – reduces inflammation
anti-microbial/anti-septic (disinfectant) – reduces microbial growth
anti-migraine – reduces intensity of migraines
anti-neuralgic – reduces nerve pain
anti-parasitic (parasiticide) – destroys parasites
anti-seborrheic – relieves excess secretion of sebum
anti-spasmodic – suppresses muscles spasms
anti-viral (viricidal) – inhibits the growth of viruses
aperitive – stimulates appetite
astringent – contracts the skin
carminative – prevent formation of, or facilitates expulsion of gas in the GI tract
cephalic – stimulates the mind
cholagogue – promotes discharge of bile from the system
choleretic – increases volume of bile from the liver
cicatrisant – promotes regeneration and formation of tissue
decongestant – relieves congestion of the chest and lungs
deodorant – reduces body odor
depurative – supports cleansing and removal of impurities from the body
digestive – benefits digestion
diuretic – promotes production of urine
insecticidal – destroys insects
insectifuge – repels insects
nervine/neurotonic – calms the nerves
phlebotonic – improves vein health
rubefacient – increases blood circulation, and produces skin redness when applied topically
sedative – sedates the nerves
stimulant – increases energy in certain body systems
stomachic – benefits the stomach
vulnerary– benefits would healing