The Perfect Gift-Giving Guide for Essential Oil Lovers | Using Essential Oils Safely

Maybe you're all done grabbing gifts – but if not, you'll want to check out some of my favorite essential oil finds.

The good news is, most of these finds can be snagged from amazon, and if you're a Prime subscriber, you'll get them in just two days!

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New Square Design! Essential Oil Aromatherapy Inhaler Empty Aluminum and Glass With 10 Wicks – Set of 5 – by Rivertree Life

I love this update to the traditional round inhalers I typically use. Of course the purple is my favorite! Inhalers are great because you can expose just yourself, and not your kids, if you want to use essential oils not safe for kids. Slip into your pocket or purse for whenever you need to inhale.

Jasmine Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Dispenser Aroma Diffuser, Black by Stadler Form

This is the only diffuser I recommend (and I have it in several colors)! Why? Because it diffuses for 10 minutes, and shuts off for 20 minutes, which is perfect for using essential oils therapeutically without getting olfactory fatigue.

Rose Lava Diffuser Necklace – Rhodium Tone Cage Locket Necklace by The Oily Amulet

This is one of my favorite diffuser necklaces from The Oily Amulet. You can apply a drop or two of an essential oil blend for focus, germs, energy, or relaxation and go!




Kids Slap Diffuser Bracelet by The Oily Amulet

I love these for kids! The essential oils don't touch their skin – they go on the felt (wool/rayon).

Add essential oils to help ward off germs, promote focus, or an assortment of needs.

The silicone is easily cleaned and the slap/wrap style fits a variety of sizes.




Rosehip Restoring Serum | Organic Facial Care | 1 fl. oz. by Aura Cacia

I love Rosehip oil for its anti-aging purposes. The addition of Geranium and Clary Sage makes it even more powerful – especially during that time of the month when you may be feeling emotional.

Set of 3 – Yasime 10ml Brown Embellished Amber Glass Roll On Bottle With Stainless Steel Ball by Rivertree Life

I love these rollers! The perfect size for stashing in your purse, and beautiful enough you want to show them off. At the beginning of the bug bite season, I keep an anti-itch bug bite roller in my purse, and in a high-traffic area of my house so everyone can grab and roll when they need to! I love that this is glass, and has a stainless steel ball.

Set of 4 Extra Large 20ml Refillable Aluminum & Glass Roll On Bottles with Stainless Steel Roller Balls for Essential Oil Blends by Rivertree Life

These hold 4 teaspoons, which is a great size for applying a blend to help fade stretch marks. Still not overly huge and fits easily in your purse.


Trauma Oil with Arnica and Calendula – 1 Ounce by Herb Pharm

This is really the very best carrier oil to use when dealing with issues relating to pain. Muscle aches, sore joints, you name it, this blend of calendula, arnica, and St. John's Wort combined with the power of essential oils is a must-have.


Mullein Garlic Herbal Oil – 1 Ounce by Herb Pharm

Because essential oils aren't for everything – and should never be used inside the ear! This herbal infusion provides relief for ear pain, but should never be used if the ear drum is perforated.


3-Pack Multi-color Metal Essential Oil Key Tool, Universal Opener and Remover for Roller Balls and Caps on Most Bottles by SOLIGT

I freaking love this tool! If you've ever struggled to pop off the dropper insert, or a roller bottle, you will enjoy having this handy gadget!

Celtic Design Wood Storage Box for 15ml Essential Oil Aromatherapy Bottles by Rivertree Life

I love mine! I keep my favorites in this box, which I use often and don't need refrigeration (because I go through them faster than they expire!). There is a white-washed version as well – and if you want to take out the divider and store something else, you can!


Essential Oil Carryall Leather Handbag + BONUS ITEMS by The Oily Amulet

This awesome essential oil purse is perfect for storing all the “essentials” – such as inhalers and rollers!

Comes in a variety of colors (my fave is the Robin's Egg Blue shown here). I actually have all four colors!

Pamper an essential oil lover with this amazing gift – or snag it for yourself. You won't regret it!



Set of 3 Christmas Joy Twist Up Aluminum & Glass 10ml Empty Spray Bottles for Essential Oil Blends by Rivertree Life

Aren't these beautiful? Perfect for making your own perfumes with essential oils.


Purple Essential Oil Companion Organizer- Aromatherapy DIY Journal Notebook by Rivertree Life

This is a fantastic resource for keeping track of your essential oils and blends and things you've made for friends.



Skin Renewal Intensive Facial Complex by Wingsets

This is one of my favorite things to use on my skin. I treat my skin to this twice a week after cleansing, and it makes me feel very pampered!



Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Basket & Dimmer Cord Bulb

I love this dimmable salt lamp! You can add essential oils to the rocks for gently diffusing a sleep blend as you drift off, or perhaps a calming blend for during the day, or a focus blend for work time.


Rose Gold Essential Oil Diffuser, Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, 3D Effect Night Light with 7 Color Changing LEDs, Waterless Auto-Off, Timer Setting by Porseme

This is super special and beautiful – rose gold by day, and sparkling colors by night. I love mine!


And I'd be remiss if I left out my own resources…

Aromatherapy DAILY TIPS by Lea Jacobson, CCA

Increase your knowledge every day, without feeling overwhelmed – 366 daily tips for using essential oils, carriers, and hydrosols safely.

Email, eBOOK, and print versions available.

You'll be able to join our facebook group where we'll discuss each tip every day of 2020 – it will be so fun!


Essential Oil Profiles: Aromatherapy Reference Manual for the Everyday Beginner and Beyond by Lea Jacobson, CCA

Excellent gift for any user of essential oils. Safety combined with benefits makes for a well-rounded resource and a reference you'll refer to over and over.

Includes BONUS sections on diluting, carriers, children, pregnancy, breastfeeding, dogs and cats.




Using Essential Oils Safely RECIPES “EO RECIPES CLUB” safe and effective essential oil recipes for the whole family formulated by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Lea Jacobson

Give the gift that keeps on giving – a monthly subscription to the EO RECIPES CLUB.

Access this incredible resource and have peace of mind knowing when a situation comes up requiring essential oils as a tool, you'll know exactly where to grab a safe, reliable recipe.


What do you think? See something for a friend? Yourself? I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite things 🙂