Rivertree Life just doesn't disappoint. Every time I get their products in the mail, I have a big smile on my face. Not only are the products high quality – but they are beautiful and unique.

These gorgeous Yasmine roller bottles are no different. I love that these are glass – amber, no less, which is the best color glass to protect the contents from UV damage. I love that the roller bottles are stainless steel. Annnnnd I love that they have really pretty designs on the outside!

The 10ml size is perfect for toting in your purse or carry case, or making up just the right amount of a pre-made blend such as Bug Bite Soother or Anti-Scar.

If you are making up a blend for a friend, these might just be the ones you'd want to present them in, as they are so classy!

Here is a chart that shows you how to dilute essential oils for 10ml roller bottles (more info here: Diluting Essential Oils Safely:


The Yasmine roller bottles are currently on sale on amazon and on the Rivertree Life website.

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