5ml amber glass roller bottleswith stainless steel balls giveaway

Roller bottles are handy ways to apply essential oils directly to the skin without getting it all over your hands.

It is always a good idea to use glass roller bottles, instead of plastic, if you have the option.

Stainless steel roller bottles tend to hold up over the long term better than the plastic ones.

Amber glass keeps the most UV light out, protecting your essential oil blend from breaking down due to sunlight.

5ml size is one teaspoon, perfect for calculating dilutions. 1 drop essential oil = 1% dilution.

Diluting essential oils in a 5ml roller bottle

One of my favorite recipes for roller bottles is Bug Bite Soother.


Anti-Scarย is another recipe that works well in a roller bottle.

Anti-Scar blend for 20ml roller bottle

You can find these 5ml amber glass roller bottles with stainless steel balls on amazon and on Rivertree Life.

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