Morning Sickness Tips: First Trimester and Beyond

It might be tempting to reach for essential oils when you are dealing with morning sickness, but during the first trimester, essential oils are not recommended. There are essential oils which are safe (and not safe) for use during pregnancy, but extra caution is warranted in the first twelve weeks.

Here are some things you can do to help with morning sickness during the first trimester (and beyond):

  • suck on candied ginger or even a mint to help calm your stomach
  • make an herbal infusion (tea) with dehydrated ginger
  • keep hydrated
  • don't let yourself skip a meal – low blood sugar can increase the nauseated feeling
  • make sure your magnesium intake is at a healthy level by supplementing with Natural Calm by Natural Vitality

Morning Sickness Tips: Second Trimester and Beyond

Now that you are past the first trimester, you can begin to use essential oils which are safe for pregnancy. Ginger, Spearmint, Orange, and Lemon may be good choices. You can use a personal inhaler, or diffuse into the air.

Using essential oils topical can help with pregnancy-related issues such as back pain. Be sure the essential oils you use are safe for pregnancy, and you are using a reasonable dilution.

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