NEVER put any essential oils in the ear!!

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    Natural Remedies For Ear Infections 
  • Herb Pharm Garlic Mullein Oil is safe and effective help for ear infections.  This is not an essential oil.
  • If you would like make your own here is a good recipe. How To Make Mullein and Garlic Oil For Earaches 
  • Rub properly diluted sandalwood and helichrysum in trauma or tamamu oil applied to outer ear and around upper jaw.
  • Rub properly diluted lavender on the outside of the ear, along the front and the back.
  • You can also try salt water in the ear.  (one teaspoon of salt in one-half cup of warm water) Tilt your head sideways and put a few drops of this solution into the ear. Leave it for some time, and then tilt your head towards the opposite side to drain out the solution. Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear can also be helpful.
  • Applying warmth to the ear can also give some gentle relief.  Soothing Salt Sock Remedy For Earaches

According to The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook by Lora Cantele, you can use drops of oil on a cotton ball and place gently in the ear. She suggests 6 drops of essential oil diluted in 1 tsp (or 5 ml) of a carrier oil and then take 3 drops of that pre-diluted blend and drop onto a cotton ball. Please do not just drop undiluted oil onto a cotton ball.

A lymph massage really can help with sinus and ear issues. Here are a couple of great videos showing you how to do a lymph massage. It’s quite simple and it really works!!!
Lymph Drainage for the Ears:

Self Lymph Drainage Massage:

Always be sure that the oils which you choose are safe for your family's situation!

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