Cold sores are viral. Using anti-viral essential oils for cold sores can help speed healing and provide relief. I have used this recipe with success on multiple occasions. When applied to the cold sore at the first sign, it can actually prevent it from becoming a full blown ugly sore. This is also good for fever blisters.

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Cold Sores recipe


  • Tea Tree
  • Sandalwood


  1. Apply 1 drop of each on a cotton swab.
  2. Dab on cold sore several times a day from first sighting. If you can catch it when it's early enough you aren't sure it's even there, it will go away in no time. Replace the cotton swab with fresh essential oils daily.

Q: Okay, I am soooo confused. You preach about safety and using proper dilutions, and then you have this recipe which isn't even diluted. Please explain yourself!

A: Cold sores are viral and require the big guns to nip them in the bud. This recipe uses a fraction of a drop when you add to the Q-tip, and lasts all day for multiple applications. If you feel better diluting to 50%, by all means do! I recommend a 50% dilution if using on children. Read: Diluting Essential Oils Safely – safe dilution guidelines for all ages.

Q: Is this recipe safe for use during pregnancy?

A: Yes, the ingredients used are safe for using during pregnancy. This dilution is also fine when used on an “as needed” basis. For more information on essential oil safety during pregnancy read: Essential Oils and Pregnancy.

Q: Is this recipe safe for use if I breastfeed?

A: Yes, the ingredients in this recipe are safe to use if you are breastfeeding. For more information on essential oil safety for breastfeeding moms read: Essential Oils and Breastfeeding.

Q: Is this recipe safe for use on children?

A: The essential oils used in this recipe are safe to use on children, but I would dilute to 50% before applying to a child. For more information on essential oil safety with children read: Essential Oils and Children.

Q: Can I put this recipe in a roller bottle and apply that way?

A: Due to the fact that cold sores are viral, it is not a good idea to use a roller bottle, as this could cause the virus to transfer to the roller bottle and lengthen healing time.

Q: Does this for for canker sores, too?

A: Canker sores are not viral, and using essential oils is not necessary. Canker sores are located inside the mouth and are typically the result of too much acidity in the diet. Swishing with salt water can help speed the healing process, which is typically 2-3 days if left alone.

Q: What essential oil brands do you recommend for this recipe?

A: I personally use several different brands of essential oils with great results (you can find my opinion here). You can use whatever brand you have on hand, as long as the Latin names match 🙂

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