It is never a good idea to diffuse in a public place for any reason.  Essential oils are not meant to just be fragrances, they are powerful substances and should be taken into consideration like meds and should be respected for the potent substances they are. Some oils are not safe for children, pregnancy, nursing, elderly, some are contraindicated with certain meds and certain health issues, etc. Some people are allergic to certain oils and they can cause reactions such as a rash or respiratory distress. There are oils which are potentially convulsant, carcinogenic and more!

Essential oils can be wonderful and helpful additions to our everyday lives, but caution needs to be used when using essential oils in public and around other people beyond your own family.  An easy way to use essential oils safely around others is to use a personal aromatherapy inhaler.  More about inhalers here…  Personal Aromatherapy Inhalers

Many of the popular anti-germ type blends, despite what is commonly being shared, are not at all child safe. More info here…. What's wrong with pre-made thieves blends?

If you choose to diffuse in a place such a daycare or classroom you need to be certain that each parent is aware of what you are diffusing and that they clearly know the adverse reactions that could potentially happen when their children are exposed to those essential oils.  When diffusing in places such as lobbies, offices and other public spaces, you have no idea who is going to pass through and what kind of health issues they may have.

If you want to run a diffuser after hours to help “clean” the air then that is a much better and safer option because then the oils will have time to dissipate and are not bothering others.

Some will argue that essential oils are safer and better than commercial cleaning or scented air products.  Maybe…maybe not!  There are risks to using both types of products and one is not safer than the other if the person being exposed has a sensitivity to such things.

A diffuser also should not be run for hours on end when people are going to be constantly in the room.  You can read more about safely diffusing here…  Diffusing FAQs


Always be sure that the oils which you choose are safe for your family's situation!

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