Aphrodisiac Perfume – using Lea’s “Infatuation” master blend recipe | Using Essential Oils Safely

This is one of several recipes part of the Aphrodisiac Essential Oils Class. Please review that post for more information, including the “Infatuation” master blend recipe.

Essential oil users are always wanting to use essential oils to smell pretty. They ask me what smells good, and how to dilute. Typically, I will discourage using essential oils just to smell pretty – they are to be used “as needed” and for specific therapeutic intent.

This is one situation where an essential oil can be used to both smell pretty and have desired therapeutic effect.

Using hydrosols instead of water as a base will add to the aroma and efficacy of the Infatuation blend. Choose the hydrosol version of the essential oil for a fuller effect.

Any spray bottle will work, but I prefer these fancy perfume bottles (linked in the amazon ad below). They are 15ml (half an ounce), so add 9 drops Infatuation blend instead of 18.

If you don't need fancy, create this perfume in one of these 1 ounce glass spray bottles and add a fancy label, like one of these.

This particular perfume recipe, containing the “Infatuation” blend, can be spritzed on the skin to help set the mood.

Looking for the “Infatuation” master blend recipe, and more ways to use the blend? Visit the Aphrodisiac Essential Oils class page.

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