Aphrodisiac Inhaler – using Lea’s “Infatuation” master blend recipe | Using Essential Oils Safely

This is one of several recipes part of the Aphrodisiac Essential Oils Class. Please review that post for more information, including the “Infatuation” master blend recipe.

Personal inhalers are designed so as not to expose people or pets around you to the essential oils you are inhaling. They are also handy for carrying essential oils around with you that you wish to inhale.

Inhalers are used by placing up to the nose and inhaling deeply 1-3 times. This is effective in moments, as the essential oils travel directly from the nose into the limbic area of the brain (and into the lungs, of course) which is very effective. This can be repeated as often as needed – although one inhalation session is likely effective enough to provide a result.

This particular inhaler, containing the “Infatuation” blend, is best inhaled just before desired effect is to take place.

I prefer using these aluminum and glass inhalers by Rivertree Life, as displayed on the amazon ad below.

Diffusers are used to push essential oils, and water, into the air for an effect less intense than a personal inhaler provides.

You can run a diffuser containing the “Infatuation” blend in the area of choice prior to or during the time you want the blend to take effect.

Diffuse this blend no more than 30 minutes per hour – ideally 10 minutes ON, 20 minutes off. My favorite diffuser, the Jasmine by Stadler Form (displayed on the ad below), runs using this recommended setting.

Looking for the “Infatuation” master blend recipe, and more ways to use the blend? Visit the Aphrodisiac Essential Oils class page.

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