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Lea Jacobson
Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and author of Essential Oil Profiles

This is such a popular recipe. I've had people contact me to let me know this blend worked well for them on old scars, and on new scars – for themselves, and for their children.

Essential oils can help to fade a new scar best when applied as soon as the skin begins to heal and scab. A 5% dilution is best for new scars, which is reflected in the Roller Bottle for New Scars recipe.

Old scars can also fade or go away completely with the higher dilution (10%) given in the Roller Bottle for Old Scars recipe.

I like using Tamanu Oil and/or Rosehip Oil without essential oils for younger children. Essential oils can be added after age two if the carrier oils alone don't do the trick.

I've formulated recipes for you in the EO RECIPES CLUB based on the best regenerating and cicatrisant essential oils and the best methods of application. You can find these when you click the Scar options in the menu.

I like using a roller bottle to apply this recipe. Most scars are going to need many applications, which is why I recommend the 20ml roller bottle size. If you choose to use a 10ml roller bottle, you will need to cut the recipe in half.


Your scar recipe is amazing!! My six-year old had a deep scratch that wasn’t healing, so I asked my friend (who has all the oils) to make me a roller ball with your exact recipe. A week later, my husband said, “don’t bother her with the roller ball, his scar is gone.” I laughed so hard…it was gone because I’d already been using the roller for three days!


I have been using the scar blend for about a week, 2-3 times per day and am noticing improvements already!


I am using the anti-scar blend on my 1 y/o c-section scar and it is already looking and feeling a lot better. It stopped itching and the redness is fading


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