Using Geranium Essential Oil Safely


This week’s essential oil class is on Geranium essential oil. Below you will find class recordings (when available) and all of the materials you need to learn about and use Ylang Ylang safely.

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Geranium Essential Oil Main Constituents

Geranium Essential Oil Therapeutic Properties


Geranium Essential Oil Benefits


Geranium Essential Oil Safety


Download and print a sheet of labels, including this one, to wrap your bottles in a hug of safety from – that’s us! p.s. coupon code below!



Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil – Circulatory System



Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil – Circulatory System

Varicose Veins


Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil – Digestive System

Upset stomach, nausea, gas, bloating, indigestion


Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil – Reproductive System

Hot Flashes


Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil – Reproductive System

Menstrual Pain, PMS


Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil – Skin

Body Odor


Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil – Skin




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