Using Essential OIls for Baby Wipes and Diaper Rash

We are often asked about the safety of using essential oils in such products as baby wipes and diaper rash cream or ointments.  As you can read in our Children & Essential Oils info, essential oils are very powerful substances and due to baby's thinner skin and immature systems in most cases it is best to not use any essential oils topically around little ones.  If you choose to use essential oils, please be absolutely certain you are using only child safe oils such as lavender or Roman chamomile and be certain they are highly diluted and that you are using the essential oils for a very specific purpose such as diaper rash. The recipes shared below have a low, proper dilution and are safe to use on baby.  However, often a much better and safer option are hydrosols.  They can be added to wipes and other products to keep your baby safe and happy.  

Essential Oils and Children

Baby Wipes
Take a roll of Bounty towels, and cut the roll in half, to yield two half- sized rolls. Remove the center cardboard tube, and place the dry paper towel roll in an empty plastic container. (The most convenient are empty commercial wipes containers.) Saturate the roll of dry paper towels with a blend of four parts hydrosol of your choice, (Lavender, Roman chamomile or Helichrysum hydrosols are good choices.), and one part witch hazel extract. These are convenient for cleaning up after a messy diaper. Another option which takes a bit more time, instead of using a traditional roll of paper towels use a “select a size” roll where they are about the 1/2 the size of regular paper towels and then tear each one off and fold into 3rds. You can then fit them in flat wipe container instead of a round one as would be needed for the above idea.
Please note: If you prefer you can use instead of paper towels, small pieces of soft cotton cloth.

  • Info on Hydrosols can be found here. Near the bottom of that page is a listing of where you can buy them.

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