Using Essential Oils Before & After Surgery



You need to be very cautious when using essential oils close to the time before and after surgery.  Many essential oils are contraindicated with certain meds, interfere with anesthesia, some can inhibit blood clotting, etc.  Due to these issues, we suggest not using any essential oils for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after surgery.

You can learn more about oils which inhibit blood clotting here.

Essential oils which inhibit blood clotting

* To check for safety of possible drug interactions, the best resource would be Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand.  We also have some helpful information in our files section of our UEOS Facebook group.  You will have to be a member of our group to see this information.  Essential Oils and Medications

* If you want to use essential oils after surgery to help promote healing of an incision, please wait until the area has closed up a bit so you aren't applying essential oils to an open wound. Please do not apply an esential oils to an incision until after the stitches have come out or the steri strips have been removed. At that point healing oils such as lavender or helicrysum would be helpful.
This is a great recipe to help with scarring.

Anti-Scar Blend – for regenerating skin cells

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