Essential Oils for Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness Help When a woman is pregnant, the first trimester is considered the most delicate stage. Midwives and doctors may caution us about the foods we consume, the cleaning products we use, and the skin care products we apply … Continue reading

Lea Harris interviewed by Born to Be Breastfed

Essential Oils and Breastfeeding: Stop, Look and Listen to be Safe! air date May 16, 2016 The Nursing Mother’s Quick Guide to Essential Oils that Actually Workair date June 6, 2016   Read Lea’s pregnancy and breastfeeding post here. Lea … Continue reading

Anti-Inflammatory Lotion – a recipe for inflammation relief

This blend is helpful for all types of pain stemming from inflammation: sore backs, sore necks, achy muscles, tendinitis, and more. I created this blend for a family member who was suffering from severe inflammation, and it was very useful … Continue reading