Essential Oil Safety Advocates (EOSA)


I am excited to present the following UEOS Basics course graduates, who took the option final exam and passed, with the following title:

Essential Oil Safety Advocate (EOSA)

The following graduates can use this title in their signatures across social media, or where applicable, as validation when they share their knowledge with others. ONLY those on this list are authorized to use this title. This list is a work in progress as students complete the final exam on their own schedule.

Essential Oil Safety Advocates

Aimee Garrison

Ana Sullivan

Angela McCune

Angie Westmoreland

Annette Duff

Annette Lunn

Ashley Sailer

Becca Carroll

Bonnie Brochhausen

Bridget Adshead

Carin Snell

Caroline Harrington

Chia-Yi Liu

Christine Zmuda

Corinne Henry

Danielle Fletcher

Dany Pagani

Dawn Frantz

Deborah Hill

Debra Dance

Diane Bader

Diane Tucker

Emily Wondra

Emma Murray

Erika Flores Siems

Erica Kuhlmeier

Esther Wilhelm

Fabi Alcalá

Fram Pannella

Hallie Landreth

Jade Rocha

Janet Gillis

Janice White

Jessica LaGarde

Jessica Mills

Jill Weigel

Joanne Shorey

JoJeanne Benton

Joyce Armstrong

Judy Lee

Julie Howard

Julie Rickert

Karen Dick

Kathleen Viau

Kate Serio

Kate Smith

Kelly Kimberley

Kim Steudel

Kristen Kagan

Kristi Martin

Kristin Tatrow

Lacey Norsworthy

Laura Kelsey

Laurie Menzel

Leslie Coombe

Lila Young

Liz LeJeune

Lisa Graham

Lori Gotelli

Lori Green

Louise Hillier

Lynn Cooper

Lynn Corns

Manda Efta

Mandy Tidwell

Manu Neu

Martha Murdaca

Mary Jo Baker

Mary Knowles

Maxine Barclay

Megan Clark

Melanie Alvarez

Melissa Antolovic

Melissa Carter

Melanie Harlow

Mellyssia Vang

Meredith Socha

Meshele Ouwinga

Michelle Ui Cheallaigh

Nicolle Brokaw

Nur Azlean Ramlan

Pat Campbell*

Patrice Caldwell

Patty Drake

Patty Riccio

Qxandrya Wong

Rebecca Green

Robin Archer

Roxanne Wooley

Sara Powell

Sharon Carmichael

Sheri Corriher

Sheryl Paradis

Stacey Tipping

Stacy Smith

Stefphe Racen

Sue Ratterree

Susan Lee

Tami Friday

Tammy Kell

Terri Rickaby

Terry Trybul

Theresa O'Toole

Tina Webster

Winette Fleenor

Yee SuJuen