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Want to learn more about essential oils so you can use them safely for you and your family? Or maybe you want to formulate your own products? Perhaps you are a massage therapist who wants to safely incorporate essential oils for your clients.

Whatever the reason is, learning how to use essential oils safely is wise. Protecting yourself and your loved ones from adverse reactions has a value that can not be over-emphasized.

This is why I created a few essential oil safety products – to bring safety information to everyone.

Essential Oil Safety Labels

Essential Oil Safety App (Top 60 EO Profiles)

Carriers Profiles App (Top 30 Carriers)

Aromahead Institute

I (Lea Harris) enrolled in Aromahead Institute‘s online courses (starting with the Aromatherapy Certification Program) and had a wonderful experience with Andrea Butje as my teacher. Aromahead is approved by both AIA and NAHA (the two recognized aromatherapy organizations which have lists of approved schools). Andrea was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award in 2013, which is a special and honorable recognition given to only two others.

Benefits to enrolling with Aromahead Institute:

  • online access from any location
  • step-by-step videos help walk you through making products
  • go at your own pace – slow or fast
  • lifetime access
  • access to private forum for questions
  • payment options are available
  • Andrea as your mentor!

Andrea is a wonderful teacher who makes you feel like she is right there with you as you take each class. Her positive and encouraging attitude gives you the confidence you need to excel in aromatherapy. Andrea's experience in teaching since 1999 comes through in her incredible and thorough knowledge and education in the course materials.

A great place to start is with the FREE Introductory course.

Aromahead Introductory course

Beginner with no previous training?

If you aren’t interested in becoming certified, and just want enough education to properly use essential oils for your own use, you might want to consider these courses:

Aromatherapy for Natural Living – this class is perfect for moms and families new to essential oils. Topics covered: intro to essential oils, using essential oils with your children (even little ones!), how to make your own cleaners using essential oils, and even luscious creams and balms to pamper your skin. This course has it all, and is affordable to boot!

Aromatherapy for Natural LivingEnroll in this class with this special link allows you to receive the Body Butters & Lip Balms course for free! If that was't awesome enough, you also get a $50 gift code to Aromatics International.

I have to say a HUGE thank you for your (2)

Body Butters and Lip Balms – this course will teach you how to make fail-safe body butters, lip balms, deodorants, and more. Everyone can enjoy this course, especially if you like knowing what is in your body care products, or if you have sensitive skin. Also makes for great gifts. You could even open your own online store and generate income.

Want to be a Certified Aromatherapist?

Aromatherapy Certification Program (ACP) – If you are interested in becoming a certified aromatherapist (or if you don’t care about being “certified” but just want the knowledge) – this is the program for you! This is the first class I took, and boy did I enjoy it.  You don’t need any previous training. Tons of thorough information, full of data sheets for dozens of oils, as well as videos and access to a forum for discussions. 235 hours of training. Includes the Anatomy & Physiology course.

Aromatherapy Certification Program

Advanced Graduate Program (AGP) – Did you graduate the Aromatherapy Certification Program and just can’t get enough? This is your next step with 125 hours of training.

Want to be a Clinical Aromatherapist?

Scholar’s Program – when you graduate from this program, you will have 400 hours of training under your belt. This program includes the ACP, AGP, and 40 hours of electives. This is the highest standard of aromatherapy education approved by AIA and is exclusive to Aromahead Institute. This is the program that earns you the title of Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

A Massage Therapist who wants aromatherapy training?

Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists – this course is to help teach massage therapists how to incorporate aromatherapy in their practice (although anyone can register). Learn how to better help your clients: reduce their muscle pain, provide inhalers for headaches, make diffusers to calm the mind, create and implement salves, and so much more.

Robert Tisserand's Essential Oils and the Skin

Robert Tisserand's Complete Skin Series includes 9 incredible webinars on the following topics:

  1. Healing Oils
  2. Transdermal Absorption
  3. Dryness and Dullness
  4. Irritation and Allergy
  5. Sensitivity Issues
  6. Microbial Imbalance
  7. Trauma and Repair
  8. Photosensitization
  9. Skin Cancer and Aging

This webinar series includes a pdf of notes and links to evidence-based, scientific research articles.


Robert Tisserand's Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils

Robert Tisserand's Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils is a new video series releasing August 15th.

This webinar series includes 9+ hours of audio recorded at the June 2015 event at Westminster University in London. 300+ slides will give you insight into the detailed, evidence based investigation of the pharmacology and science behind essential oils and aromatherapy. Click here to view a sample of this series where Robert explains synergy.

Topics include:

  1. Essential Oil Creation in Plants
  2. Essential Oil Composition
  3. Properties and Research
  4. Essential Oil Constituents and Their Interactions
  5. Essential Oil Kinetics
  6. Essential Oil Oral Dosing
  7. Inhalation
  8. Transdermal Absorption
  9. Distribution and Metabolism
  10. Essential Oil/Drug Interactions
  11. Excretion
  12. Cancer
  13. Holistic Approaches Antioxidant
  14. Holistic Approaches: Anti-Inflammatory
  15. Holistic Approaches: Immune Stimulant


Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils

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