Cramps, PMS, Hot Flashes

Ladies, we all know that every month many of us are troubled with such things as cramps, PMS, mood swings, back pain and a myriad of other not so pleasant symptoms.  Then as we grow older those things can turn to other lovely symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.  Unfortunately, these things are a way of life for some of us, but there are ways to find relief from these symptoms without having to take over the counter meds such as Advil or Midol.  Following are some helpful recipes and tips to help with those times of the month when life may not be very pleasant.

Cramps & PMS

Sometimes for emotional issues like PMS and even pain issues like cramps, a personal aromatherapy inhaler is an effective option.  Learn more about inhalers here.  Personal Aromatherapy Inhalers

Here is a great article from Wellness Mama. Natural Remedies for PMS & Cramps

Here is Lea's recipe for emotional balance.
Grumpy Gone
(emotional balance during hormonal times)
To a 5ml bottle add:
35 drops Clary Sage (Slavia sclarea)
30 drops Tangerine (Citrus reticulata/Citrus nobilis/Citrus tangerine)
20 drops Geranium (Pelargonium x asperum)
10 drops Vanilla (Bourbon) (Vanilla plantifolia)
5 drops Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)
You can use 5-10 drops of this blend in a diffuser, 1 drop on a diffuser pendant, or 15 drops in an inhaler.
You can also add it to hydrosols at a 1-2% dilution and spritz on the neck during a hot flash.
You could add it to a roller bottle in a 2% dilution and use as a perfume, as well as apply typically for cramps.

Cramp & PMS Balm
This balm can help reduce cramps, help with mood and help you feel much calmer.
Start with a body butter base of your choosing.
Combine in a 4 oz. Mason jar.
15 drops Sweet Marjoram EO
15 drops Clary Sage EO
15 drops French or Bulgarian Lavender EO
10 drops Geranium EO
10 drops Peppermint EO
5 drops Eucalyptus EO
5 drops Clove EO

PMS & Cramp Inhaler #1:
2 drops Bergamot
4 drops Clary Sage
3 drops Frankincense
2 drops Peppermint
4 drops Geranium

PMS & Cramp Inhaler #2:
5 Ylang Ylang
5 Geranium
4 Clary Sage
3 Orange

PMS & Cramp Inhaler #3:
4 drops French or Bulgarian Lavender
3 drops Geranium
2 drops Sweet Marjoram
2 drops Roman chamomile or Clary Sage
1 drop Ginger

**Please Note: Any of the inhaler recipes can be changed into a roller ball recipes, but please be certain that you are using no more than a 2-3% dilution.  More info on dilution here. Diluting Essential Oils Safely

Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

Hydrosols are wonderful for cooling and can be used as it or blended together as a body spray for even more benefits. You can learn more about hydrosols here.  Hydrosols: Everything you wanted to know about Hydrosols

* Here is a great recipe from Aromahead for a cool spray.
How To Make a Cooling Body Mist for Summer

Hot Flash Relief
In a 4 ounce bottle combine
3 ounces hydrosol of your choice
1 ounce witch hazel
9 drops each
French or Bulgarian Lavender
Clary Sage
Shake well prior to use, spray face, arms & chest as needed for relief, shut eyes if spraying on the face. 



If you are looking for info on helping to balance hormones or fertility this is not the time to look to essential oils, but we do have a book recommendation for you. You also may want to look into herbs and you can find more herb info on our sister Facebook group here.
Learning About Using Herbs Safely
If you have questions on fertility, we suggest that you
check out the book “Taking Charge of your Fertility“.

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