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  1. Hello, I was referred to someone through our Facebook Group I belong to because I had a question about some essential oils I used for my infant. My pediatrician told me to use eucalyptus oil for his congestion. He is four months old. I now have came across information saying can be very harmful to them. I also use Teatree oil as well. I use both of them a lot! The diffuser called for 4 to 5 drops, I used eight to ten! I used it all day in small rooms as well, because I thought it was safe. I now will not be using them around my infant, but I’m wondering if you could tell me if there’s any thing I should be concerned about as far as his health since I use them as much as I did. When he was a newborn I also used a Sleepytime blend that had lavender, mandarin, marjoram, yiang yiang and vetiver in it, is there anything I should be concerned about with that as well?

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