Aphrodisiac Linen Spray – using Lea’s “Infatuation” master blend recipe

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This is one of several recipes part of the Aphrodisiac Essential Oils Class. Please review that post for more information, including the “Infatuation” master blend recipe.

Linen sprays are for more than making pillows and bedding smell good. When you use the right blend, it can help encourage a good night's sleep (check out our Sedative Essential Oils post for more info).

This particular linen spray, containing the “Infatuation” blend, can be spritzed on pillows and bedding to help set the mood.

I prefer using these 2 ounce glass spray bottles as displayed on the amazon ad below.

With this recipe, you have the option to add hydrosols. Hydrosols are my preference over water and vodka. Choose the hydrosol version of one of the essential oils in the Infatuation master blend recipe over on the Aphrodisiac Essential Oils post.

Looking for the “Infatuation” master blend recipe, and more ways to use the blend? Visit the Aphrodisiac Essential Oils class page.

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